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The campaign also included a plan to pressure and attack journalists, including Salon's Glenn Greenwald.

Read Glenn on the proposed smear campaign here, and Power Point slides detailing the specifics of the attack can be seen here.

They found one computer logged into an online chatroom using a nickname, it was later claimed, that was associated with a hacking group, and fleetingly saw file structures that were allegedly stolen from the US Federal Reserve on another machine.

Love’s first thought was for his parents, Alexander, a Baptist minister and chaplain at nearby Highpoint prison, and Sirkka-Liisa, a teacher.

These same principles will be followed in the future development of instruments for data collection, storage or exchange:: Police, border police, customs and judicial authorities have access to all data; immigration and consular authorities to the entry ban list and lost and stolen documents.

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The case is the first serious test of the “forum bar”, introduced by the then home secretary, Theresa May, to allow UK citizens to challenge US extradition requests, following hacker Gary Mc Kinnon’s 10-year battle against extradition.In 2008, EURODAC processed 219.557 sets of fingerprints of asylum seekers, 61.945 sets of fingerprints of people crossing the borders irregularly and 75.919 sets of fingerprints of people apprehended while illegally staying on the territory of a Member State.17,5% of the asylum applications in 2008 were subsequent (i.e. Visa Information System (VIS): Specific rules established by basic legal acts governing VIS and Directive 95/46/EC, Regulation (EC) 45/2001, Council Framework Decision 2008/977/JHA, Co E Convention 108, Co E Additional Protocol 181 and Co E Police Recommendation R (87) 15.: Upon a Spanish initiative, the Council adopted in 2004 a directive regulating the transmission of Advance Passenger Information (API) by air carriers to border control authorities.Across America on February 6, 2011, millions of people were settling into their couches, splitting open bags of nachos and spilling beer into plastic cups in preparation for the year’s biggest sporting event.On that Super Bowl Sunday, during which the Green Bay Packers conquered the Pittsburgh Steelers, a digital security executive named Aaron Barr watched helplessly as seven people whom he’d never met turned his world upside down.

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