Assessing the effects of the dating violence prevention

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In addition, nurses also may be at risk for experiencing violence in the workplace. As members of the largest group of health care providers, nurses should be aware of assessment methods and nursing interventions that will interrupt and prevent the cycle of violence. At a minimum, this content should include: Such content, which should focus on domestic violence across the lifespan and across settings, may be integrated or threaded throughout the curriculum or contained in a single course. In addition, nurse researchers should work with scholars in other disciplines to identify the factors associated with violent behavior, as well as interventions effective in primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention. Domestic violence is but one aspect of the larger set of problems related to family violence.

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In the United States, domestic violence accounts for about 20 percent of the nonfatal violent crime women experience and three percent of the nonfatal violent crime men experience.[1]Harm levels vary from simple assault to homicide, with secondary harms to child witnesses. Domestic violence calls can be quite challenging for police as they are likely to observe repetitive abuse against the same victims, who may not be able to or may not want to part from their abusers. Police typically view these calls as dangerous, partly because old research exaggerated the risks to police. : For purposes of this position statement, domestic violence is defined as physical, sexual, or emotional/psychological violence directed toward men, women, children, or elders occurring in current or past familial or intimate relationships whether the individuals are cohabiting or not and including violence directed toward dating partners. is the intentional use of physical force with the potential for causing death, injury, or harm.

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