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Ang ilan sa mga nag-impluwensiya sa kanyang hilig sa musika ay ang Aerosmith, Skunk Anansie, Rage Agains the Machine, Pink Floyd, Jojo Mayer, at Gavin Harrinson.

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Siguro dahil sa lumaki ako ng walang tatay at si mama lang ang nagpalaki sa akin, na adapt ko na yung environment na babae ang karamihan sa nakakasama ko.If you're not sure of your status you can also call SSS hotline or visit any of their branches nearest you. There a lot of people who are downloading around 3: PM to 8: PM. If your OS (Operating System) is Windows 7 and the hotkeys doesn’t run properly, try to run as administrator. I see a lot of people are posting alternative links and their copycat posts / blog in the comments section. LOLSome interesting facts that I can share with you:1. Hotkeys commands: Alt Q = numpad 7Alt W = numpad 8Alt A = numpad 4Alt S = numpad 5Alt Z = numpad 1Alt X = numpad 2Quick chat commands: F5 = -so F6 = -clear F7 = -ma F8 = -afk Notes (Since a lot of people are asking already):1. You can use my favorite decompressor or the famous winrar.2. Don’t forget to attribute this blog and show some respect.4. xid.angel the setter / initiator of PDR3 (year 2010).

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