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Cameron, including the One Subsea technology segment have numerous career opportunities that will let you prove your abilities from your first day and throughout your career, and beyond into the wider world of Schlumberger.Schlumberger is the world’s leading supplier of technology, integrated project management and information solutions to customers working in the oil and gas industry worldwide.Cooper Industries began in 1833 when Charles and Elias Cooper established a foundry in Mt. "Cooper" was licensed to produce the Corliss steam engine in 1869 and entered the production of natural gas internal combustion engines in 1900.In 1929, Cooper became the Cooper-Bessemer Corporation when it merged with Bessemer Gas Engine Company, which was founded in Grove City, Pennsylvania in 1899.“Our long-term economic plan for Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire, which will create more jobs and financial security for hardworking people across the region, is a key part of our work to build a Northern Powerhouse that can take on the world,” he said.

"I've always found it rather insulting, this idea that if you're not a socialist at the age of 20 you haven't got a heart and if you're not a Conservative after the age of 40 you haven't got a head," he said, during a visit to AQL, a software company in Leeds.

Mr Cameron insisted Britain's role was still central, and that - along with America - the country had been central to imposing strict sanctions on Russia.

Mr Cameron highlighted the 114,000 new jobs and 22,000 new small businesses started in the area since 2010, saying that six new jobs had been created in the private sector for every one lost in the public sector.

I enjoyed Prometheus (2012); I thought it was great.

I thought it was Ridley returning to science fiction with gusto, with great tactical performance, beautiful photography, great native 3D.

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