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Spiritually evocative, Christopher Lewis’ first volume of poetry awakens the reader to the mysteries and divine realities hidden in the everyday.Lyrical imagery of the natural world incarnates the author’s vision of a universe pulsing with meaning and divine purpose.

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In the end, here I was with the news that I had, indeed, breast cancer. Gloria Mattioni successfully fought breast cancer by eliminating estrogen-raising foods like dairy, coffee, gluten and red meat from her diet and using only natural supplements like Chrysine, Bioperine and cannabis oil.

My distrust of the health system possibly increased when I was told this on the phone by the same nurse from the radiology department who also refused to tell me what stage my cancer was for “privacy reasons.” Apparently, the only one entitled to discuss this “detail” was the surgeon she scheduled me to see… I spent the following two weeks trying to sort out my feelings about it on one side, and surfing the web for possible alternative treatments on the other.

She has been cancer-free for three years by using natural therapies and cannabis oil after having a tumor in her breast removed surgically. I was tired beyond tiredness, had almost constant headaches and my energy level—usually very high—had dropped dangerously low.

Everybody tried to reassure me that everything was ok, but I wasn’t convinced.

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