Camzp na m

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Nam Pha Pa Yai Camp is located in central Thailand on the side of Pasak river, about 130 Kms North/North-East of Bangkok close to Saraburi.

The closest village is Moo Ban Tha Sabok, which is 2 kms downstream the river from the camp.

Routes go from very easy to extreme levels, some short, others very long, with a wide variety of shapes and styles (wall, slab, overhang, steep overhang, chimney, crack ...), sectors have a minimal walking approach, they are shaded and sheltered from the rain.

This karstic land offers many caves, many of them remain to be explored and their topography to be made.

Nam Dong is situated 32 miles west of Da Nang in a valley near the Laotian border; it was manned by South Vietnamese personnel with American and Australian advisers, and served as a major thorn in the side of local Vietcong militants. to achieve the element of surprise, and reached the outer perimeter where South Vietnamese special forces managed to hold out.

The camp being located in the heart of a natural and preserved site, available restaurant and lodging are developed to be, in a consistent manner, in harmony with this environment, while maintaining comfort and quality services.

Miền Đông Nam TNTT will host 2 Sa Mạc HLHT (Cấp 1 & Cấp 2 Nghĩa Sĩ) this summer!

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