Dating cliches that are true

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Learning Point: Being bold, fearless and concise is the only way to play it. Challenge: Walk around New York City with a sign that says, “I’m currently SINGLE.” Learning Point: Humiliation leads to fearlessness leads to risk taking leads to amazing things happening.

Challenge: Create a scavenger hunt for your first date. Cliché #21: “Don’t kiss on a first date” Challenge: Poll Twitter and find out if it’s okay to get intimate early on.

The following phrases became dating cliches for a reason and truly have merit for today’s singles. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff Anyone who has been married for longer than a few years – especially those that have been married for decades – will provide this advice to singles and new couples about what it takes to have a successful marriage. Loud chewing, leaving socks on the floor, forgetting to take out the trash and so on are not reasons to nag, complain or argue.

No one is perfect, and making mountains out of every molehill will only leave you constantly living a life of negativity.

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With Valentine's Day swiftly approaching, it's easy to get bummed out about your relationship status (unless you're happily in love, in which case ).But those of you bold enough to voice your romantic woes aloud know there's one thing that makes being single especially unbearable: constantly receiving dating advice from your friends and family.For their annual Singles in America study, Match asked over 5,500 single folks across the country, ages 18-70 , for their opinions on all things dating and sex, and there was one particularly surprising thing that a majority of Millennials agreed on.Challenge: Keep a diary of everything that I wanted to say to my date – while waiting two days before contacting him.Learning Point: Contact him while he’s still walking out the door if you want to. Challenge: Message as many guys from POF in one day as I could using the briefest messages possible — and see how many quality responses I got back.

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