Dating complete opposites

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Without that solid base, issues may arise over the long term.There are many successful relationships between those with opposite beliefs and values, but be careful when associating with someone who is completely different from you. The things that you once admired and couldn’t get enough of may start to get on your nerves over time.“But you have to trust yourself to ask questions about things that make you feel uncomfortable.” “In the first blush of romance, people overlook a lot of stuff because they’re so excited,” says clinical psychologist Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed D.But after a month or so, that’s when it’s time to look closer.Communication can be difficult because your opinions are so at odds and personalities lack any form of synchronization.While all of this may be true for boyfriends and girlfriends, the reverse is the case when your best friend is your polar opposite.But don’t use a long list of deal-breakers as an excuse to keep people away.

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Hartwell-Walker suggests keeping your own personal deal-breaker list to five things that are non-negotiable for you, and leave it at that.Things are always complicated when sex is involved, especially when the person you're engaged with is so unlike yourself.It can be hard to relate to your partner when he or she is your boyfriend or girlfriend rather than your friend.He is short and has dark skin, hair and eyes and he is kind of shy and a designer and he loves buying clothes and sneakers and eating duck and I am much, much louder than him. Not their opposite in super critical ways — if God is really your thing, it would be dumb to try to get along with someone who was really opposed to religion. You could feel open to a new religion, a new style, or promise yourself to sleep more and stress less, or stop smoking crack or start eating more kale.Yes, we are really similar in important ways — we think the same things are funny and like to live our lives in much the same way. Dating your opposite is like having a big old mirror staring right back at you, dating your opposite is.

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