Dating gerstner tool chests

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I would really like to know how the original Gerstner boxes were assembled. The early Gerstners had finger jointing for the sides, top and back.

For four generations Gerstner Tool Chests have enjoyed a reputation for unmatched excellence and craftsmanship.

The chests are assembled, sanded, and finished all in the same building, and most models also receive felt drawer lining.

An antique tool box (also spelled toolbox) or tool chest is the fitting home for a set of treasured tools.

The top is T&Ged to the main box and this would be a major issue with other flat sawn timbers and hummid environs. Are these solid wood or some kind of veener over MDF/Ply/etc.?

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The originals were often quartersawn white oak which is good for the design.

I have been following the threads on GI and have to say I saw one at woodcraft and was a bit disappointed by the quality. First I have say that I am a bit concerned about the designs.

I immediately thought of General and General International and I lit on out of there. Are they really worth the price and are they all that?

Many of its boxes were designed like steamer trunks, which were meant to be opened only after being turned on their sides.

Custom-cut blocks and pivoting cleats held everything from hammers and saw to planes and chisels in place so they wouldn’t rattle around and get damaged.

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