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No credit card data has yet been uncovered as part of the hack.That data is incredibly revealing and potentially damaging.I appreciate looks aren’t everything (you should see my first wife!!!), but there is nothing to suggest that the site is still active and when I tried to order something I was met with a plethora of error messages.This is a truly fantastic bit of news for anyone who may be the victim of revenge porn — where someone posts nude and compromising photos of one without consent online. But around half of British online daters between the age of 18 and 34 admit to having told a white lie in their dating description, a new report from web security firm Norton reveals.According to the research 28% of online daters said they’d been been threatened with revenge porn – where blackmailers threaten to make public racy images sent in confidence – and 12% said that they’d had suggestive, nude or semi-nude photographs posted online.

“Since that time the relationship has ended, Miss Gordon found the accused had been in a relationship with another female,” prosecutor Laura Begg told the court.

My advice to online daters is to meet the person behind the profile within the first few weeks to ensure it’s an authentic profile.

If that person makes excuses not to meet then move on.”One woman called Jo told us about her personal experience of the dark side of online dating.

Of over 3,000 people surveyed across the UK, France and Germany, 47% said they were likely to misrepresent their weight online, 50% said they’d be likely to misrepresent their physical appearance, and 48% said they’d lied about their interests.

Men are more likely to lie on their profile than women (51% to 45%), but as a nation we’re all pretty okay with telling porkies.

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