Dating style toowoomba

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It is ideally suited to one or two couples; families or small groups, with the entire cottage for your sole use.

"It's not that we don't source our materials locally because we certainly do but some items the clients were after just weren't available in our region," he said.The residence has five large bedrooms, with the main bedroom having access to a titled rooftop terrace, two kitchens, a games room complete with a bar, a gymnasium, a pool and spa, a lift and marble staircase.The home owners wished to remain anonymous and not reveal the price and size of the home but Mr Bubeck said it was one of the largest homes he had built in his 27 years of business."The owners wanted to source them from overseas to make their house more authentic." When guests first enter the home they are welcomed by a foyer tower with a seven metre high ceiling and arched windows.To add to the enormity of the home it has oversized doors and ceilings throughout, as well as large window panels to let in streams of natural light.

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