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The most likely assumption about the people who lived here is that they came from the Lanaittu valley, perhaps because of conflicts with neighbouring populations but more probably because the arrival of Romans prompted them to abandon their homes in the valley to take refuge inside the mountain.1) Its almost impossible to find natural springs in calcareous soil and rock for an uninterrupted supply of water.The ancient village of Tiscali was built inside a cone-shaped dolina (a depression in the earths surface) at Mount Tiscali in the centre of the Supramonte highland.

This pushed other Italian providers to repeal their fixed subscription fees, thus contributing to making the Internet accessible to the masses in Italy.Whoever owns World Online shares may send their details to [email protected] that they can be contacted in case the company should proceed to purchase the shares still outstanding.The activities of the Tiscali Group and the relevant strategies, as well as activities of subsidiaries, are articulated and defined by geographical segment, this being therefore the primary reporting segment for the purposes on segment information, as required by IAS 14.The tender offer on World Online shares, launched in December 2000, closed in January 2001 with the purchase of approximately 99.5% of the stock.A buyback plan by Tiscali on the World Online shares still outstanding is not planned.

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