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Boston, Massachusetts intimidation of a witness defense attorney Kathleen Mc Carthy is here to help you avoid serving time in jail and paying costly penalties and fines. The grey nature of this definition allows police and prosecutors to twist the statute in their favor, time and time again. As you can see, anyone remotely involved in a court proceeding could be considered a “witness” for the purpose of prosecution.What’s more, individual who attended or stated the intention to attend a court proceeding could fall under this statute.

Supreme Judicial Court"In all civil proceedings under the Abuse Prevention Act, G. Mandating personal service where the defendant has, by disappearing, made personal service impossible would enable defendants, the perpetrators of abuse, to deny their victims the protection of our courts under G. Commonwealth is required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt an intentional act by defendant which led to violation." , 83 Mass. 209A, the violation is governed by Massachusetts law and the jury should be instructed in accordance with Massachusetts law." , 464 Mass. "Chapter 209A must be interpreted to protect all who are in a substantive dating relationship from abuse, regardless of whether the relationship was developed or conducted by the use of technology." , 467 Mass. is committed to serving communities, families, and individuals impacted by domestic violence.

Therefore, practically no one is excluded from being used as a tool for the prosecution’s war against a defendant in witness intimidation cases. The third and final parameter of evidence required is the motive of the defendant.

Thanks to the Constitution, it is the burden of the Commonwealth to prove the defendant acted “with the specific intent to impede, instruct, delay, or otherwise interfere with a criminal investigation.” What’s more, the prosecution must prove this .

Most people are unaware that their local police departments have a mandatory arrest policy when the police are called to a home for allegations of domestic violence.

That means that if a neighbor calls 911 because a husband and wife are screaming at each other and causing a commotion next door, the police will go to that residence intending to arrest the more "culpable" one — however they view that.

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