Double your dating sales letter

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After he worked through my headline, he went into what I should put into the body and off the top of his head started telling me EXACTLY what he would like to see in my sales letter… We shook hands and I left the stage to applause and dozens of people wanted to get my business card.

and about 30 seconds into him speaking I started getting goosebumps… Eben Pagan is writing my sales letter…” So I made sure not to open my mouth and let Eben talk uninterrupted for as long as he wanted to go. (I guess I somehow impressed them with my silence).

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instead of rushing off to a corporate cubicle) I got this from listening to him while studying – and these are my notes.

Dissect this sales letter & you'll see why it did so amazingly well.

He mentions how you're about to learn the secrets, but the sales letter is full of bullet points that only tease the reader with benefits the "secrets" will give them.

Over the last 7 years Craig has written many of the biggest direct response campaigns on the internet, the most successful bringing in 33,600 new customers in its first 48 hours on the web, all from cold traffic.

Make sure you stay until the end, because we’re going to start delivering some insanely valuable advice when it comes to writing effective sales copy in today’s skeptical ADD marketplace that will have a massive effect on your sell.

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