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Andi destroys the mirage of the fantasy suite as a place for cuddling and long talks about your childhood dog by explicitly asking Nick if he plans to have sex with any of the women.Nick shrugs and smirks, musing that maybe he’ll be able to make better decisions if his head isn’t clouded with sex-fog.

Complicating matters, 2B Umpire Tripp Gibson did not appear to make a safe or out call until after the play was complete, and only after Padres first baseman Will Myers appeared to look toward Gibson for a ruling, which Gibson obliged by mechanizing an out call.I only really recognized Paul Scheer from 30 Rock and the luscious Nadine Velazquez (My Name Is Earl) but that didn't stop me from instantly bonding with these characters. They are all friends with girlfriends ..spouses..go out together or they hang at the house for a birthday party.But the one common central they seem to LOVE is fantasy football. Mark Duplass is damn good as the central character whose fantasy football really keeps him going.Prospective players can sign up for free and form leagues with whomever they want, including friends or random people who can be found on Twitter using the hashtag #Bachelor Nation.There are weekly contests where players will be tasked with predicting what’s going to happen in that week’s episode, and points are earned based on correct guesses.

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