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Probably the nicest pervert I’ve ever dealt with and believe me, I’ve dealt with a few. I mean, I’ll kick my hoof out and take a few selfies (footies? You would not believe the specific fetish niche markets out there. Of course I told my Current Legal Spouse all about the offer and he too was mildly amused. He would never tell me what to do with my body and he trusts my decisions. ) I think he was figuring at least Brian could start paying for all my pedicures and it was just a picture, anyway. I guess this could be a money-making venture for some women. This is a serious passion of his and he’s not trying to offend. Of course there are websites dedicated to celebrity feet, namely but did you know there are foot fetish dating sites, sites for “mature” feet aficionados, ticklers, high-arch lovers and deliciously dirty feet smellers? Also, an entire website devoted to random shots of just women dangling their shoe off the end of their toes. He became annoyed when I wouldn’t stop deliberating about it and asking others’ opinions and finally, he was officially done when I stubbed my toe, looked at him and said, “Brian’s not going to like this..” I haven’t sent anything to Brian, just so you know– honestly, I probably won’t. I doubt he’s interested in my armchair analysis while he’s trying to get his toegasm on anyway. I mean I have a pretty good idea what he does…duh, but you would think in this day and age in these here internets you could get all the pedicure porn you want, but apparently this guy is insatiable. One day he sent a rather specific email detailing his requests and what kind of pictures he prefers. ) pictures of my feet, some in pantyhose with toes spread, nicely polished, toe rings and ankle bracelets are okay (dude, I just gagged.) I have to hand it to him– the guy is super professional and polite. It started sounding a helluva lot like work, which we all know I am against. A quick Google search of the subject led me down a rabbit hole of true whatthefuckness. Also, just FYI, if I die anytime soon I’m going to need you to come over and burn my laptop because my Google history is all kinds of fucked up right now. Or rather not in vain, for they merely make the selfish more selfish, the lazy more lazy and the narrow more narrow"-Florence Nightengale Once upon a time I came to work on my medical ward to find that 3 staff nurses were scheduled to work the shift for 24 beds. That is a hell of a lot better than what we usually get.But it is still not safe especially when you look at research that shows what the numbers should be in order to protect the patients from harm.

Rex Ryan, head coach of the New York Jets, was lost for words during the interview before telling reporters it was a 'personal matter' and refusing to answer the questions.

Having a thing for feet is the most common form of sexual fetishism related to the body, so he’s in good company: It is reported that Elvis, Quentin Tarantino and even Jay Leno have this fetish. I guess he wouldn’t be interested in spankin’ it to my Spanx… He even told me that every time I change my toenail polish he will pay again!

I wanted to ask him more about it but didn’t really want to engage foot boy in conversation, even over the ‘net. I’m really wondering what he does with these pictures.

He and his wife Michelle have been linked to several foot-fetish dating sites, in which a personal profile expresses an interest in threesomes and sexual 'torture'.

The profile, under the name 'ihaveprettyfeet', also features on a swingers site and the writer also includes a graphic description of his wife's anatomy as well as listing their other interests.

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