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Google Camera merupakan aplikasi kamera resmi yang dikembangkan oleh Google untuk Android, dan dapat menggantikan aplikasi kamera bawaan Android.

Hal pertama yang menonjol dari aplikasi ini adalah kekurangannya.

Vice versa, many words of Malay-Indonesian origin have also been borrowed into English.

Words borrowed into English (e.g., bamboo, orangutan, dugong, amok, and even "cooties") generally entered through Malay language by way of British colonial presence in Malaysia and Singapore, similar to the way the Dutch have been borrowing words from the various native Indonesian languages.

Another is "lahar" which is Javanese for a volcanic mudflow.Featuring Face Detection Self-timer, Wink Self-timer and Smile Self-timer options, it's the perfect tool for capturing everyone at their best.The HS SYSTEM incorporates a high-sensitivity sensor and Canon's renowned DIGIC imaging processor capture sharp, noise-free images with naturally vivid colors in extremely low light conditions even without using a tripod.A couple of the motorcyclists venture into the bushes to try and see where the 'tribesman' went and find the large stick he was carrying.Some viewers think that the mysterious man is a member of a lost pygmy tribe in Indonesia.

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