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Many of those now coming to Kurdistan could not have found it on the map a few years ago and – so Kurds who have met them caustically remark – are often still unsure of its location when they leave.But there is no doubting international business enthusiasm for the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the semi-independent enclave in northern Iraq that is prospering like no other part of the country.“I cannot find employees to go and work in the oilfield,” complains a Kurdish manager in a Western oil company.“I cannot even find rooms in the new hotels for visiting executives because they are so full.” Convoys of shiny black vehicles conveying delegations of visiting businessmen from Germany, France, the UAE and Turkey race through the city. Heller suffered from a heart attack while driving, resulting in an auto accident.

There is even a modern western-style shopping center (Majidi Mall), a well-equipped international airport and even some nightlife (although I doubt you would travel here for the bar scene).

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Many people mistakenly believe that the summer holidays in some interesting and unusual places can only be afforded by very wealthy people.

Think dining at the hawker centre means the same old plates of chicken rice and Hokkien mee day after day? New-age hawkers are changing the game by dishing out hearty hipster nosh at wallet-friendly prices.

We’ve uncovered 10 of the most droolworthy hawker spots featuring items on their menu you’d never expect to find outside of a cafe.

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