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They simply have a different way of processing sensory information due to parts of their brain that regulate emotions being more responsive than the brains of their less sensitive counterparts.

Before you start a relationship with a highly sensitive person, here are some pointers to keep in mind about how to love and care for the empath in your life.

The sensitive man exudes a quiet self-assurance and knows that the old saying that men who cry or show vulnerability are weak is simply untrue.

Unlike the overly testosterone fueled, ego-driven, “guys guy,” he’s not out to prove just how masculine he is, which is why the sensitive man should be the gold standard among men you meet and consider dating. Because a sensitive guy is the guy who truly cares about your feelings and those of others, and he would feel badly if those feelings were hurt by his actions or words.

“My wife is (what she labels as) a “highly sensitive person” or HSP.

First of all, let me say that I absolutely adore getting messages like these…

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Before the 1990s, heightened sensitivity in humans was not widely talked about, but in 1991, a psychologist named Dr.

Having lived and learned you probably now know that those “sensitive” types you may have rejected when you were younger are actually the kind of guys you should be dating. Because as you’ve matured, you’ve also realized that sensitive guys are usually much nicer and easier to get along with. Good communication is necessary for a happy, healthy, long-lasting relationship.

If you stop communicating, hold grudges, place blame, keep score, or try to constantly one-up each other it can become problematic—which is why sensitivity is a crucial trait in a partner.

I write my articles before sunrise because it’s the darkest and quietest hour of the day.

I go to movies alone because I want to react to them at my own pace.

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