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While there is always a possibility that the guy you are dating will not reciprocate your feelings, showing him that you are interested in being more than just a casual date can bridge the gap between "Just dating" and "In a relationship." Remove any questionable photos of you with other men on social media sites or other public venues.

While you may just be having a good time with one of your guy friends, publicizing photos of you with other men can give the impression that you are not interested in settling down into a relationship.

Maybe you called about something else, or to schedule a date, or to check up on something.

But then, once this information is exchanged, you don't immediately hang up.

Everyone knows not to mention an ex on a first (or second, or third) date, but eventually the subject is bound to come up.

Talking about each other's exes and dating histories shows that you care about a person enough to hear all the gory details of their dating life.

I guess this is the way our world adapts to its people’s fast-paced lifestyle.

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He may bring up exclusively dating as a natural response to the increased amount of time that you are spending together.

Being sick means feeling tired, vulnerable, crabby, and gross.

Going from dating to relationship is also a process that requires your attention, effort, energy, interaction and, sometimes, even the ability to be your own shrink, best friend and a fortune teller all in the same time.

Making the Transition Knowing if You’re Ready Determining if Your Relationship is Ready Community Q&A There can come a time in your relationship where you want to make the transition from just dating to officially being in a relationship.

If you feel like you and your partner are going in a great direction, you may want to take it to the next level.

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