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The world’s greatest female tennis player “said yes” to Alexis Ohanian, 33, the co-founder of Reddit when he got “down on one knee,” recently! 28, in the form of a romantic poem on her hubby-to-be’s popular social media and discussion website. Right now, we’re going to take you down memory lane, so you guys can get the full story on how these lovebirds came about! During the sporty date he allegedly “called her babe and they held hands.” The rest was obviously history after that…

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Since the two hit it off, it has inspired Common to get into the studio to make more music, specifically new love tracks.

I used to think that these types of sentiments were limited to White, Anglo Saxon individuals who grew up in minuscule towns, but as I mature, I’m learning that a “separate but equal” mentality thrives in America and beyond– regardless of your race—especially when it comes to love and marriage. Understand one thing: everyone has the power of CHOICE.

We all live our lives and love who we love on our own terms. Williams’ fiance as “the enemy” is just downright silly.

Serena and Alexis are engaged and appear to be happy.

She’s had relationships with more than a few brothas…and hell, it didn’t pan out. Not saying a brotha couldn’t snag her for the long haul, but it wasn’t like she didn’t give yal a chance.

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