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You have a movie premiering on GMC on January 30th called What If... It's about a guy that chooses one path in life but then gets a look at what could have been had he gone down another road. It will change as my kid grows, but that's what I'm into at the moment. Oh, and also introducing Sophie Sinese, who is the daughter of Gary Sinese, who is a wonderful actress. I'm going to be honest here and tell you that I cannot get enough of the Syfy channel. It's drama and it's got a great message and it's got comedic elements, so it's not going to bring you down! It's got John Ratzenberger, so of course it's got comedy! Well it's got that too, it all depends how it affects you. So it's not a high level comedy or slapstick, it has comedic elements that add a nice touch to the film. You've had the chance to work with Charlie Sheen a few times over your career in Hot Shots, The Chase and in Ferris Beuller's Day Off. Did you choose to work with him on purpose or was that a twist of fate? Skating is something my husband does and he's on the ice every day coaching all the time. Every once in a while, I'll take my son out on the ice, but I have no desire to skate by myself. My experience in skating was skating with Lloyd, my husband. We shot that last June and I believe you can see the trailer on You Tube! He called me and he said, "I just finished the final edit of the film and I just have to tell you Kristy, I am so excited. And then in The Chase we played opposite each other and we already had a history and a lot of mutual friends, so I knew him pretty well. They are pursued by two police officers who have a television crew in their squad car filming a Cops-style reality show.The car chase moves onto southbound Interstate 5 as Jack decides to flee to Mexico.It's the Hardy Toll Road in Houston, where a toll plaza was disguised with props Thursday to look like a border checkpoint.The reason: the filming of a movie, "The Chase." The movie, an action adventure starring Charlie Sheen, is actually set in Newport Beach, Calif.AKA Carlos Irwin Estevez Born: 3-Sep-1965Birthplace: New York City Gender: Male Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Actor Nationality: United States Executive summary: The prodigal Sheen Charlie Sheen grew up as Hollywood royalty, since his father is Hollywood actor Martin Sheen.

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Two bystanders attempt to run Jack off the road in their monster truck, but lose control and roll the truck onto its side, where it is hit by a semi-trailer truck and explodes.Pair skating is more fun than just going out there and skating around in circles. I've got to ask you about the Syfy movie Swamp Shark. You worked with John Singleton on Higher Learning, where your character has a relationship with Jennifer Connelly's character. I don't know if there was ever a European version made, but there was one where there was a kissing scene that was maybe a little bit racier but I don't really recall to be honest. Oh yes, there is absolutely comedy and that's what so great about it, it's kind of got it all. Now here's the question you're in: Pretty In Pink or Sixteen Candles? A few weeks back actor and musician Henry Rollins launched a new podcast series with his assistant Heidi May called “Henry & Heidi” that features the former Rollins Band and Black Flag frontman telling stories from his wildly varied career.Recently on an episode titled “The Chase,” Rollins and May talked about his time here in Houston filming the Charlie Sheen vehicle of the same name on Houston streets in 1993.

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