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If the governing state allows dissolved corporations to retain assets, the corporation can continue to exist.Liquidation marks the point when a corporation has committed to closing its doors.It must also sell or auction assets and use the proceeds to pay any of its outstanding debts and obligations.After your corporation pays all existing creditors, it must distribute any remaining proceeds or assets to shareholders.

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Corporations are perpetual entities that only cease existence through voluntary or involuntary dissolution through the secretary of state.In this situation, you calculate your gain or loss using ,000 as the gross proceeds -- the cash plus the car's value minus the outstanding debt on the car.In the event the outstanding debt on distributed property is more than the property is worth, the minimum fair market value you can assign to it is the outstanding debt.Corporations can fold either by dissolution or complete liquidation.Dissolution is an “administrative” termination of the corporation and while it is a usual first step, it doesn’t necessarily mean the corporation is folding.

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