Mahabharata dating

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Sometimes each of these groups are fixated by their technique and ignore the others.

But whatever be the technique — textual analysis or astronomical analysis — it has to reconcile with what archaeology has found on the ground.

There are others who believe it to be a fictional narrative and hence not worth dating.

As the dates are pushed back into the Early Harappan period, it also has to reconcile with the material goods present during that period.

It also has to explain various other references that are present in the text.

“Would you like to see how the sky looked at the beginning of the war? The war he is referring to is the one that famously lasted for 18 days, the greatest of all wars.

He switches on his laptop, clicks on , a planetarium software that simulates the sky in 3D, feeds in some data, and soon we are staring at a configuration on the screen which looks like the night sky with stars glittering on it.

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