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In the Malagasy culture, the turning of the bones is a vital element in maintaining links with revered ancestors, who still play a very real role in daily life.Anthropologist Professor Maurice Bloch, who has studied the ritual, says the ceremony is a chance for a family reunion.Ravello said fellow volunteers had gathered together following the incident and were "shocked psychologically".In 2012, a French couple was found dead on a beach in southern Madagascar.Madagascan Tourism Minister Roland Ratsiraka said he had spoken to the French ambassador to the Indian Ocean island and that the consul would be visiting Sainte Marie on Monday."The government strongly condemns this act and will ensure that the investigation will be transparent," he said.Local mayor Bessaou Ismak Ado Crophe on the resort island of Sainte Marie told AFP that the bodies of both victims, a man and a woman in their twenties, showed signs of head trauma, with officials suspecting murder.

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Of course, King Julien, his adviser Maurice, and his prop Mort, have also come along for the ride.

King Julien is ever the selfish King and party boy.

It is an evocation of being together again, a transformation so that the dead can experience once more the joys of life.

But most importantly, he says, famadihana is an act of love.

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