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From 2002 through 2004, Shaikh Nawaf was head of KPC’s Washington Office, responsible for development of downstream business opportunities and policy analysis in the United States.

Before joining KPC in 1999, Shaikh Nawaf worked as a corporate transactions attorney for a major international law firm based in Los Angeles.

Nawaf the Pearl Diver Pearl diving is an important part of Arabia’s heritage, when people used to dive in the Gulf to find marvellous pearls.

Arabian pearls were considered the best in the world, and could only be found in the summer months.

His first international goal came in the quarter-final match with Yemen, proving to be the winning goal as the Saudis prevailed 1–0.

Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply. 1984 Licence en Droit, LEBANESE UNIVERSITY, Beirut. (Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies), INSTITUT D´ETUDES POLITIQUES (Sc. (Arabic version published by Dar Annahar) – Co-editor with Theodor Hanf and Contributor: Lebanon in Limbo, Nomos, Baden-Baden, 2003. (French version reprinted in La condition libanaise. (French version in Revue d'Etudes Palestiniennes [53] 1, automne 1994; Arabic version in Majallat al-Dirasat al-Falastiniyya, n° 19, summer 1994; German version in Palästinenser im Libanon, Palästinensische Flüchtlinge und der Friedensprozeß, April 2002) – “Les Communautés Religieuses au Liban” in Social Compass, Vol. Trois Essais.) – "Deconfessionalizing the Call for Deconfessionalization” in The Beirut Review 6, Fall 1993, pp. 4) Special Projects: Co-authored the draft law submitted by the “Special Electoral Law Commission” to the Government of Lebanon in June 2006; drafted the related Report of the Commission; and edited all of its nineteen volumes of annexes. (Master of Laws) HARVARD LAW SCHOOL, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Communautés, citoyen, Etat; suivi de: La citoyenneté en pays d’Islam.) – “La Guerre Civile au Liban: Lectures dans le miroir des mémoires” in Revue Française de Science Politique, 1980/3. 769-789 (Reprinted in Mythes et Politiques au Liban.2) Booklets/Chapters in Books: – “Taif’s Dysfunctions and the need for Constitutional Reform” in Youssef Choueiri, Breaking the Cycle: Civil Wars in Lebanon, Stacey International, London, 2007. Former member and Rapporteur of the Lebanese National Electoral Law Commission entrusted with the task of preparing the draft of a new electoral law for Lebanon (2005-2006).-- “Note sur le système confessionnel au Liban” in Abdel-Wahab Bouhdiba (ed.), Mélanges en l’honneur de Dominique Chevallier, Paris-Tunis, 2006, pp. – “The War in Lebanon: its origins and courses” in Peter Molt and Helga Dickow, Comparing Cultures and Conflicts, Baden-Baden, 2006, pp. – “The Role of Money in Lebanese Elections” in IDEA (International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance), Electoral Reforms in the Arab World: Case Studies from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, and Bahrain, Stockholm (in English) and Beirut (Arabic version), 2005, pp.151-156. Communautés, citoyen, Etat; suivi de: La citoyenneté en pays d’Islam.) – “Individu et citoyen au Liban” in Fadia Kiwan (ed.): Le Liban Aujourd’hui, C. Former member of the Lebanese National Commission of UNESCO (2000-2004).

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