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My thesis is still in press, but you can contact me to receive a copy. A second-order globally convergent direct-search method and its worst-case complexity S. Slides (A French version) ISMP 2015 , Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Convex Optimization and Beyond (Poster), 2014, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Concurrent Systems Practical parallel programming using Open MP.The first axis of my thesis was the introduction of randomness in derivative-free optimization methods. Numerical Optimization MATLAB Practical and Project on continuous optimization.I was particularly interested in the theoretical guarantees one could provide for such frameworks by considering probabilistic properties, yet the impact on practical performance was also of critical importance. Through optimizing the compiled Java Script output to avoid expensive checks and operations, code written in Dart can, in some cases, run faster than equivalent code hand-written using Java Script idioms.

Sensitivity analysis can be used for the following purposes: Sensitivity coefficients quantify the variation of a response value (e.g.The second main interest of my thesis is the extraction of relevant information from the complexity analysis of derivative-free algorithms, either in a deterministic or a probabilistic context. Slides WID-DOW Seminar, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, 2016, Madison, WI, USA. The goal was to identify possible issues with those methods and provide a guidance for developing new variants. LANS Seminar, Argonne National Laboratory, 2016, Lemont, IL, USA. Correspondingly, both characteristics are reflected (at least implicitly) in the mathematical form of these models: firstly, the models are in discrete time; secondly, they are deterministic.For discussion of the issues that may arise, see below; for discussion as to more sophisticated approaches sometimes employed, see Corporate finance# Quantifying uncertainty, and Financial economics #Corporate finance theory.

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