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Among the greatest misfortunes resulting from the election of the current Polish government is that it has given Polish nationalism a bad name.

“Nationalistic” has joined the epithets used by Western commentators to describe the Law and Justice party, alongside “xenophobic” and “populist.” It’s easy to understand why the term has been applied.

Perversely, it has embraced the values and worldview of the communist regime whose influence it claims to most want to eradicate.

In the medieval era, Polish nationalism was based on loyalty to a royal dynasty and, in that sense, differed little from that of any other nation in Christendom.

One of the oldest political units in Europe, Poland had long cultivated a highly idiosyncratic sense of nationhood, one that over its thousand-year existence earned admiration far beyond its borders.

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That this has happened is a shame for many reasons — not least because nationalism was once widely recognized as one of Poland’s greatest virtues.But investigators could not determine how he had died.An inquest into the cause of his death opened in Canterbury coroner’s court on Monday.“As long as there is divergence or as long as we have problems in some countries, it’s more difficult to build up a solid foundation for the real fiscal union in the eurozone.So this is a little bit of a vicious circle,” he said.

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