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The capacity planning tools in i Plan Ware seamlessly integrates with management High level capacity plans can be used to capture resource demand forecasts for project work and business as usual activities (BAU) such as support.

Unlike some rigid solutions on the market that force you to use project plans to drive capacity plans, our flexible resource forecasting software separates the capacity planning process from the project planning process giving you an agile way to plan and forecast your staffing needs.

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Resourcing needs can be described using both actual or generic skill placeholders.

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accountability in Mining the Disclosures, an annual evaluation of conflict minerals disclosure from Responsible Sourcing Network (RSN).

Section 1502 of the Dodd Frank Act, has helped to shed light on global supply chains, helping investors understand whether their investments are fueling human rights abuse in the DRC.

Now is NOT the time to defund the conflict minerals rule, but to build on it.

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