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"I reckon the whole of the Old Town could be done for £2.5 million, which is nothing compared to the value of the whole City Deal or when you look at the £30 million that is being spent on doing up Inverness Castle alone.Local area blogs and You Tube videos allege Bill Lika is a 'slumlord' whose apartment buildings are in a 'third world' condition, while a Twitter user posed in March, 'My landlord Bill Lika sued me, and I won.The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) today announces that it is investigating events surrounding the discovery of misconduct within the Reading-based Impaired Assets team of Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS)."If you want to really sort things it's no use saying 'oh, it's a private sector issue'," he said."If this is a problem it's a problem for the whole community." Mr Barbour's plan puts forward a number of actions for improving the city centre, from clearing bins off the streets to creating a new "cultural quarter".

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