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As an experienced player I know the good parts of from the bad.

We’ll talk about why Doc Love advocates some of the crazy advice that he does, and what parts men should follow.

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In case you want an idea of what exactly you can date, take a look at this post...

With the down economy, and the modern flood of dating products, most men aren’t going to pony up 0 for advice that can be found online if one searches hard enough. The book is particularly notable for being the first of its kind.

Not only does it have a strict game plan for men to follow, but it also was written by a man for men with the intention of keeping a good woman in a happy relationship.

Ended up graduating three colleges and 13 year later, heavily into student loan debt.''Was told in high school "pick a class you like",' wrote another. If you have kids, please spend some time helping them choose, because asking a high school student to pick what they want to do with their life with no guidance is a terrible idea.'One man shared a very candid post, writing: 'Spending five years helping my ex get over her abusive relationship with the guy she was with before me.

If a guy gave you a mix CD of Radiohead songs because it felt like giving you "a pint of his own blood," and then he gave girl a pint of his own blood, it sort of cheapens the gesture. I know guys who date multiple women like they're filling out an elimination bracket, and I know guys who date multiple women because they get easily bored by one set of nipples.

'Not finishing college the first time around,' one wrote.

'I had a full scholarship and didn't understand what a great thing that was.

I'd just gone through a particularly harrowing breakup (it involved the bitter division of Wesley Snipes film bootlegs on VHS, to provide both historical and raw emotional context).

I'd been with my boyfriend for six beautiful months of To us, and all of our friends, agreeing to a single date with a dude implied consent to monogamy thenceforth.

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