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Extract from the Prologue: The Accidental Epidemiologist Extract from Chapter 2: Landscapes of Desire Extract from Chapter 3: The Honesty Box Extract from Chapter 8: Ants in the Sugar Bowl At the end of that first lecture, the professor asked us a question.

Why was there a 14 year gap between the first case-control study showing a strong association between smoking and lung cancer, and the first U. Surgeon General’s report on the dangers of smoking?

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Some very strange connections.” Other members of the chatroom have published the chatlogs in their entirety (content warning for that link, by the way—there’s a One of the biggest allegations against 4Chan is that members of the forum deliberately manufactured the #Notyour Shield hashtag, which consisted of self-identified women and people of color in support of Gamergate, as a way to combat the notion that they are against diversity in gaming.

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Because his truck work was intermittent, he occasionally supplemented his income by giving blow-jobs or selling anal sex to men who cruised in one of Jakarta’s few parks, outside the Finance Ministry beneath the bulging thighs of the monumental, bare-chested Papuan who was symbolically breaking free of the shackles of Dutch colonisation.I was by far the least qualified of the 300 or so people in that echoing lecture theatre, but I was full of been-there-done-that bravado. A forest of hands shot up, everyone competing to explain in technical terms that I only partly understood: case-control studies are subject to recall bias, case-control is not the most appropriate method for looking at causes of death, what is really needed to confirm the findings is a cohort study that follows both smokers and non-smokers over time, and and and…. But did that mean the Big Tobacco answer was wrong? It exists in a world of money and votes, a world of media enquiry and lobbyists, of pharmaceutical manufacturing and environmental activism and religions and political ideologies and all the other complexities of human life.One of the first people we spoke to was Fuad, a 21 year-old lad who occasionally worked as a truck driver’s assistant and who bought sex from waria.I guess it’s a good time to mention that I’ve been lurking in & recording 4chan’s raid IRC channels for a few weeks Jn — Zoë ʻTom-Kunʼ Quinn (@The Quinnspiracy) September 6, 2014 There’s been another big development in the ongoing Gamergate discussion on Twitter, and it’s a doozy.On Saturday night, Zoe Quinn tweeted a long string of images collected while sitting in a “raid” forum where 4chan users discussed tactics against her and her supporters.

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