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How have its programmers equipped it with so much conversational, contextual and factual knowledge? As the chatbot's designer, Rollo Carpenter, put it in a video explainer produced by Pop, "You can call it a conversational Wikipedia if you like." Since coming online in 1997, Cleverbot has engaged in about 65 million conversations with Internet users around the world, who chat with it for fun via the Cleverbot website.Like a human learning appropriate behavior by studying the actions of members of his or her social group, Cleverbot "learns" from these conversations.Last week, an artificial intelligence computer named Cleverbot stunned the world with a stellar performance on the Turing Test — an IQ test of sorts for "chatbots," or conversational robots.Cleverbot, it seems, can carry on a conversation as well as any human can.In the Turing Test — conceived by British computer scientist Alan Turing in the 1950s — chatbots engage in typed conversations with humans, and try to fool them into thinking they're humans, too.(As a control, some users unknowingly chat with humans pretending to be chatbots.) At a recent Turing competition, Cleverbot fooled 59 percent of its human interlocutors into thinking it was itself a human.“How do two girls make a baby when there’s no penis? “To make a baby, you need a man’s sperm and a woman’s egg. But when he does, I’ll have to face the fact that as a mom with sons, there are some conversations I'll leave to their father. He’s read it at least a dozen times, so I guess it worked. I doubt he wants to talk about it with Dad either, but he’s the lesser of two evils. If he thinks I’m the parent for those talks, I say bring it on. I listen and offer occasional advice, and lots of encouragement. Which is good, because I'm not ready for him to be kissing, either. I trust that my sons will come to my husband or me as they mature, as the bar keeps moving for them and we all run to keep up.So a doctor put a man’s sperm in one of the mom’s eggs.” The occasion for this blunt conversation was the arrival of twins born to our lesbian neighbors. For example, not long ago my 12-year-old son needed a proactive talking-to. My older son and I did address some things head-on. It feels like we’ve created a safe space, despite the awkwardness that comes with a touchy subject like sex. Knowing that they trust us enough to confide eases my mind and makes me proud, and so far, at least, I don’t need Xanax.

Some users have chatted with ALICE and Jabberwacky online for hours, apparently not knowing—or perhaps not caring—that they’re fake. To get each snippet of chat rolling, we seeded it by posing a question from one bot to the other. What follows is the unaltered text of what each said—the sound of two machines talking.

Can answer any "What is" question by looking up the answer on the Internet. You can chat with Brain Bot anywhere: Categories: Education, Facebook, Slack, Twitter, Telegram, Apps Tags: science, smart, artificial intelligence, twitter Domain: BOT libre!

Created: Dec 16 2013 Creator: admin Thumbs up: 29, thumbs down: 4, stars: 4.45 Brain Size: 199503 neurons Chat Bot Wars: rank 78, wins 436, losses 552 Connects: 263292, today: 416, week: 4317, month: 1520API Connects: 200153, today: 378,week: 4069, month: 1426 Last Connect: Today, Eddie wants to be your boyfriend. Eddie is a 3D animated chat that can express many emotions, actions, and poses.

Richard Wallace, creator of the top-ranked chatbot ALICE (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity), has handwritten a database of thousands of possible conversational gambits.

Type a comment to ALICE, and it checks the phrase and its key words for a response coded to those words.

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