Sex chatrooms on iphone

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Kids with social networking sites are "no more likely than other youths online to have uncomfortable or scary contacts with unknown people," the report said.

Instead, teens are more likely to be targeted by predators via chat rooms and instant messages.

Craigslist is unreliable and dangerous; e Harmony and are costly and exclusive; and other online personals usually turn out to be scams.

Visual Friend does all that leg-work for you–but without the cost and Craigslist-stigma.Although officially aimed at children over 13, children as young as nine are known to have registered accounts.Tamara Littleton, CEO of social media management agency e Moderation, pointed out in a blog post that "young children are still learning that actions have a consequence...With 70 million messages exchanged every day on the network, commentators and experts have suggested that Habbo isn't doing enough to protect young children.While the company maintains that the problems discovered by journalists were "a challenge for every social media community," criticism has focused on the site because of its popularity with young children.

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