Short men online dating

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Most women do not respond and the ones that do usually say something like "You sound like a great guy but I'm looking for a taller man" blah blah blah.I don't want to lie on my profile but after sending hundreds of emails and trying three dating sites (, Lava Life, Cupid Junction), I just want to give up. I didn't have any luck with the club/bar scene, and it seems all my friends/family seem to only know single women who are taller than me and not interested in me so I decided to try online dating; but it only seems to mirror my club/bar experiences.There are several reasons why this relationship exists beyond simple workplace discrimination, not the least of which being that adult height is related to socio-economic status in childhood.But it isn’t just income that is causing short men to fair worse on the marriage market; even when we control for income women prefer taller men. Imagine that a woman can choose to communicate with one of two men on an online dating site.Other findings show that shorter people earn less, and perhaps most significantly, it is thought that tall men have an easier time of it when they’re looking for love.Sadly, I’m overwhelmed with anecdotal proof confirming the results of the last study. -Short & Sweet _______________________________________________________________________________________ Well, SS, your question is as short and sweet as you.

A recent German study, for example, found that for each additional standard deviation in height (an increase of about 7 cm) West German men are paid a 4% wage premium.Before getting to my response, you should probably know that men of regular height have many frustrations too with online dating.It's not unusual for great men and women to get frustrated with the online dating scene and take a short break away from it. Many, many women are setting their online dating parameters at about 5’6” and above, or even 5’8” and above. I am not going to pull any punches in my answer, because you can handle the truth.

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