Spanking chat from mothers

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From mid teens on we were raised by just our mother and I became quite rebellious. At the age of 10 I graduated from hand spankings to the hairbrush.

I was the last to leave home when I married at 23 and from 21 until 23 mom had taken her paddle out of... I'm the middle child with an older & younger brother all 3 of us have felt Moms hairbrush across our butts. It was a terrible shock and I couldn't believe how much worse it hurt.

Unlike her friend, Hannah Anderson, who had cute freckles, Sophie was riddled with acne.

At present, Sophie was desperately trying to get her homework assignment finished which should have been handed in on Monday, but was given a one day extension. She was wearing a woolly jumper over her school uniform.

A 10-stone weakling if he set his mind to it could certainly have a girl howling for mercy.

For more than 20 years I thought there was something wrong with me.

I thought that if, by chance, someone else felt the same way, then they’d be a dirty old man with a grubby overcoat and bulging eyes. I didn’t choose to be kinky in this way, any more than a man or woman chooses to be straight or gay.

I had gone out and gotten drunk with friends, I had to work until 9 that night but got off early.

I kept calling my mom telling her I had a flat tire while I was doing everything I could to sober up before going home. I think I was about twelve when this particular spanking occurred.

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