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As part of those sanctions, all results going back to August 1998, including his seven Tour wins, were voided.

At age 16, Armstrong began competing as a triathlete and was a national sprint-course triathlon champion in 19.

In addition, he said it helps improve reach and effectiveness of public services, catalyze innovation and contribute to economic growth.

The Library Connect seminar, attended by 95 librarians from 42 Kazakhstani universities, was augmented by an online webcast, a service requested by librarians from Kazakhstan who could not attend the conference in person.

As a result, 22 librarians from 11 cities of Kazakhstan received an opportunity to stream the video sessions and ask questions online to speakers from Saint Petersburg State University, Kazan State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Hacettepe University.

“I’m not putting Froome’s numbers in doubt, but maybe one does the tests different from another and you get different numbers.

If the machines are calibrated differently, you can have different numbers for example.” GSK Human Performance Lab in London tested Froome in the month following his second Tour victory.

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