The detailsview fired event itemupdating

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The last lesson presents the new Dynamic Data features of ASP.NET that allow you to easily create websites for working with the create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations of an entire data model that exists as either a Data Context (such as LINQ to SQL) or an Object Context (such as LINQ to Entities).- Mark I'm trying to understand how to respond to mode changing events in a Form View control.It s fairly common for Web applications to work on a single record at a time.The control also provides interactive buttons to navigate data and edit and insert new records.These features are provided out-of-the-box and are not configurable by programmers. This allows you to provide an event handler that performs a custom routine, such as canceling the mode change, whenever this event occurs.

We will bound a Details View control to a Sql Data Source for simplicity reason you can use any data source control ... After configuring the pet Shop Sql Data Source and enable update, insert and delete we set the Details View Data Source Id to our pet Shop Sql Data Source Id and so the Details View now have 3 fields bound to Category table.Do I have to call the Change Mode() method in the Mode Changing event handler? I can see the mode in the process of changing, because my Mode Changing handler gets called, but then the Mode Changed handler never gets called.- Mark Hi Mark, I had a look at the Form View control's code, and it seems Mode Changed event is only raised when formview is bound to a datasource control (i.e. See it for yourself: private void Handle New() Unfortunatelly, you have to handle Mode Changing event and call Change Mode() manually with e.Or, at least, not declaratively and, maybe, not easily.event is raised when a Delete button within the Details View control is clicked, but before the delete operation.

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