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The American Bankers Association Education Foundation recommends never giving out your personal financial information is response to an unsolicited phone call, fax, or email, no matter how official it may seem. If you should receive one of these calls or any variation of this scam from an individual or entity claiming to represent Premier Bank, or if you have already become a victim, please contact us.

A recurring concern we hear about at the BBB involves customers signing up online for 'risk free' trials of various health products, including Acai Berry weight loss and teeth-whitening products.

In fact, offers like these made the BBB's Top Ten list of scams and rip-offs that took advantage of consumers and small business owners in 2009.

What we're hearing is that customers are sometimes being charged for these 'free trials' if they fail to cancel within the trial period.

Your Username and Password will be used to log into the app.

Get peace of mind knowing your TVs, laptops, PCs and tablets are covered for repairs and replacement should something happen to them.

And, unlike limited manufacturer warranties, our plans are valid as long as you subscribe.

Connections will be prioritized by the order in which the phones were paired to the vehicle, with the phone most recently paired recieving priority.

Please see Owner's Manual for how to switch between paired phones. Please visit to view your device setup guide.

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