Toph dating sim

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Anyone who passes up the opportunity to snuggle a giant fuzzy animal is clearly a fool.

I would definitely snuggle the giant furry snot monster if I had the opportunity.

Deciding to be friends without disclosing certain personal details about themselves and just basing their friendship on personality and interests.

Eren may like his nameless/faceless friend a little more than he should. And the Companion he finds is very different from what he expected. But, in spite of himself, he can’t stay away from Erwin Smith.

Not to be confused with Gender Bender, though the terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

A good general rule of thumb is that a Rule 63 character like exactly the same character, as if subjected to Gender Bender.

"What do I think of it being played by a woman, when it was played by a man in 1972, as part of a Scottish pagan community, and now it's played by a woman with the same name? If you are in a hurry, you only need to change a few honorifics, pronouns, and maybe a first name or two. If you are able to give it a little more thought, though, you can take this opportunity to explore how there might be a in the way things play out with the genders reversed.

There's nothing to say."Here's a quick spin on an old story: flip the male roles to the women and the female roles to the men.

The bending looks great and the trailer roolz, but it also makes me nervous. Whenever that line is delivered at the end of a trailer, it's usually a sign that the film sucks.

I mean, criminey, when you're dropping cliches in the trailer, what's the dialogue in the actual movie like?

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