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I Only Have Psoriasis For You: a relationship show for singles with skin conditions?As always, the possibilities – and opportunities for shameless exploitation — are endless.We lived in the house, worked on a few projects together, and did the normal things that two people sharing a home do.I started a blog about all of the funny realizations my new house subjected me to; Scott started a new job that he fell in love with.Considering their track record and penchant for extremes (anybody remember The Littlest Groom?), I’m thinking More to Love is probably just the first in a series of new “ugly duckling” dating shows. Legally Blind Date: a reality dating show for people with vision problems?After another year of living together, traveling together, and everything else, the lives of the people around us were changing.

And just because it’s fun and will let you get to know me better, I’m splashing some of my favorite quotes all over this post.The drive and determination will eventually lead to an epiphany that looks really do matter and only you can change how women perceive you.Enter personality (b).(b) is still the same nice guy.Coincidently, when it comes to figuring out to post, life usually hands me a lemon.In this case, I was binging on How I Met Your Mother (for the second time) and I came across this episode where Marshall is told he’s the “reacher” and Lily is the “settler” in their relationship.

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