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Since land patents were originally issued, nearly all conveyances of title were done by the use of deeds, like Quit Claim Deeds and Warranty Deeds.

However, the money lenders found a way around land patents by creating new paper instruments like deeds of trust and mortgages, all of which convey equitable interests.

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People also think they own their land because they paid for it and they have a Warranty Deed — however, often that is not enough to establish land ownership.We already know and can substantiate that an original LAND PATENT will protect your land from any equitable or collateral attack.However, we do not know for certain that the existing procedures will vest in us the same rights and immunities by filing a DECLARATION OF LAND PATENT, and updating it in your name.The simple truth is, a land patent is merely a Land Grant made Patent; which is to say, some sovereign government’s Chief Executive (King, President, etc.) signed a Land Grant from that government and sealed that Grant by making it Patent (permanent/forever irreversible).Respectively, though the Land Patent is the Title to the Land, land patents do not limit your right to contract.

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