Updating array using multiple threads java

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JRuby was the first Ruby implementation to offer thread-level parallelism, due to the fact that in JRuby a Ruby thread is just a Java thread, and most JVMs map Java threads directly to native threads.As a result, JRuby has set the standard for what it means to do concurrent programming in Ruby., the Java Virtual Machine can support many threads of execution at once.These threads independently execute code that operates on values and objects residing in a shared main memory.Upon termination, an executor has no tasks actively executing, no tasks awaiting execution, and no new tasks can be submitted.

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It occurs when threads on different processors modify variables that reside on the same cache line, as illustrated in Figure 1.JRuby provides the same concurrency primitives as standard Ruby in the 'thread' library (loaded by default in 1.9 mode).Mutex, Condition Variable, Queue, and friends all work as they do in MRI, but they are often crucial to writing threadsafe code in JRuby.Two different methods are provided for shutting down an Executor Service.The method prevents waiting tasks from starting and attempts to stop currently executing tasks.

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