Updating election map

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Poll closing times are listed below, along with the number of electoral votes each state receives.

This map provides a state-by-state overview of the current polling.

We've moved the state into the Favors Democrats category after five polls in the past month, using different methodologies, showed Hillary Clinton leading by between six and 15 percentage points.

We previously had New Hampshire listed as a tossup.

With polls closing in a 40 minutes to go, here's a picture of what our format will look like. Tonight, we visit Montana as voters decide whether to fill the at-large vacancy with Democratic candidate Rob Quist or Republican Greg Gianforte.

We had kept Florida as a toss-up in our previous update of the map because of its history as the scene of some of the country's closest electoral battles.

As Democratic strategist Steve Schale likes to note about his state, in the past four elections, about 30.5 million presidential votes have been cast in Florida, and the difference between Republicans and Democrats comes to 71,000 votes -- just 0.24% of the total. But this year, Clinton seems to be on track to break that pattern.

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