Updating fields

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You cannot specify multiple collations for an operation.

For example, you cannot specify different collations per field, or if performing a find with a sort, you cannot use one collation for the find and another for the sort.

The matches listed for each day will be listed in order of time rather than by field.

Specifically, you'll need to use either an Auto Open or Auto Close macro, depending on whether you want to update the fields when the document opens or closes.Since the update operation specifies operator, which isolates the update operation and disallows yielding during the operation.This isolates the update so that no client can see the updated documents until they are all processed, or an error stops the update operation. Sub Update All Fields() Update All Fields In Active Document End Sub Working for me now in Word 2010 (where the setting is in“File → Options → Display”). Field status will be posted at this website day-to-day.

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