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You can also use the technique described below to deploy your application from one location but update it from another.We are in a process of developing a really complex system consisting of several WCF services, ASP.

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Read one of the following articles: After you've added the Automatic Updater control to your application, it's a simple matter of including wy & files to your application and releasing it to your users.By doing this, you don't have the problem of having a large portion of your users sporting a version that is horribly ancient/insecure/not-supported/et-cetera and there's nothing you can do about it (like Internet Explorer). Most applications have a main method where execution begins.But instead, consider if you have a small launcher application, a DLL file containing your actual application, and a text file containing the version number of the DLL. The launcher application (that users will download), a page that shows just the version number of the latest available version (this URL is used by the launcher), and you have the latest DLL available (which the launcher is also aware of).Many applications nowadays automatically update themselves to the latest version when you launch them.Sometimes they ask (like Minecraft) and sometimes they don't (like Google Chrome). NET, you have the ability to dynamically load assemblies.

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