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I open it up, and it says "Updating..." like usual, but I never see the "X remaining" message, and nothing happens. Checked-out stuff still shows as checked out in Solution Explorer. I deleted the second one (which had a long list of projects, but also some gibberish in it), and the message went away, and my Pending Checkins window now works perfectly.

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I'm having a strange problem in Visual Studio 2008 where my "Pending Checkins" window never updates. I'm not sure what you mean by "refreshing my workspace", but the problem occurs whether or not I have anything checked out, and it's been this way since yesterday. It turns out that I had two sections in the solution (.sln) file. I never got an error, but only in one of my solutions would the pending checkins window not update.We have a project which consists of 3000 C files, and the updating of "pending chekins" tab is extremely slow when loading project.(Integration with Surround SCM, although it was slow on Visual Sourcesafe, too).The /new option clears this check-in metadata before you check in.This option and the behavior it modifies have no effect when you use the /noprompt option.

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