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For the summary of submissions from stage one of the consultation see New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme Review 2015/16 Summary of stage one: priority issues consultation responses.For more information on the review see About the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme Review 2015/16.The factual accuracy of parts of this article (those related to most everything over than the historic as the relevant legislation has been repealed) may be compromised due to out-of-date information.A carbon pricing scheme in Australia, commonly dubbed by its critics as a "carbon tax", was introduced by the Gillard Labor Government in 2011 as the Clean Energy Act 2011 which came into effect on 1 July 2012.More Kyoto forest owners may yet take up credits before the deadline at the end of next year.The Government sought submissions for the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme review 2015/16. To find out about the first outcome from the review see Phase out of the one‐for‐two transitional measure from the Climate Change Response Act 2002.Regulations can strengthen GHG emission standards from particular sectors of the economy, such as the EPA's proposed Clean Power Plan for United States power plants, or vehicle standards in Europe and the United States.

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Compliance is established by comparing actual emissions with permits surrendered including any permits traded within the cap.Other actions seek to address the ethical and moral aspects of climate justice, especially with regard to the anticipated unequal impacts of climate change adaptation.Political action can change laws and regulations that relate to climate change.Political action from the community, however, is often challenged by interests within the fossil-fuel industry, in order to hold off a "carbon bubble" valuation crash.There are many forms of political action on climate change including letter writing, direct lobbying, and public shaming of politicians and media organizations.

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