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If you’re still in the market for a New Year’s resolution, you could do worse than joining the minority of people who check their credit file every six months.

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Cases of ID fraud – where someone steals the personal details of another individual and uses their identity to apply for goods and financial products – leapt 16.5% in the first nine months of 2012, according to the UK’s fraud prevention service CIFAS.These VSMCs are heterogeneous and vary in size, shape, and proliferative capacity depending on the disease state and location of the vessel of origin.Therefore, we also describe techniques to validate their identity as VSMCs.An important feature of VSMCs in culture is that they lose many of their in vivo contractile properties and so model disease-associated VSMCs in the vessel wall rather than a non-proliferative contractile cell.To overcome this limitation, we also describe alternate methods that enable the study of cultured VSMCs in their contractile state by allowing the VSMCs to remain within an intact vessel ring.

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