When widowed older parents start dating

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Just as seniors have appropriated Starbucks and Facebook from their grandchildren, they flood gyms to take Pilates and yoga classes.

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I'm not sure what his expectation is for the future.

I wish he would have said "I'm lonely without your mom. This might be the best way for him to help fill the emptiness no matter how hard it is for you all.

I'm going to try dating." instead of always saying he was fine and only talking about other things. I don't begrudge him having a relationship and being happy but do feel shut out of his life when I've asked if he was lonely and he said he was not lonely. Again, sorry mama it's hard to go through the holidays when you're missing someone. When my dad died at 42, my mom went into a deep depression.

For most of their lives, they’ve been on the short end of the stick, facing unemployment and moving back home to live with parents, but the tides are turning economically and socially.

In addition to solving the problems of excessively expensive healthcare, deteriorating infrastructure, and growing income inequality, Gen-Xers must also cope with the likelihood that Dad or Mom will not retire quietly and simply settle into babysitting, knitting, or teaching grandkids how to whittle.

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